During a cruise in Asia with her husband Charles Chaplin in May 1936, she met the versatile and already famous Jean Cocteau: poet, painter, playwright, and filmmaker

Jean Cocteau recounts the story of this cruise, which he took when he was 47 years old from March to June 1936, in his book “My tour around the world in 80 Days” (Gallimard Edittion). After boarding the luxury liner Kasima Maru in Hong Kong he discovered, on May 11th, the presence of the star couple. They got along well and spent the cruise together until it reached San Francisco. He later said that Paulette spoke French well.

On the voyage he offered Paulette a pencil drawing depicting a young man asleep on a boat, on it he wrote “To Paulette, the very pure young girl, this souvenir of our encounter and a lifelong friendship. Jean.” This drawing was the property of Burgess Meredith and was sold at auction for $1,610 in 1998 by Sotheby’s in New York.







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