Paulette met George Gershwin at a party honoring the composer Igor Stravinsky at the home of Edward G. Robinson in March of 1937. Also in attendance were Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Frank Capra and her husband, Charles Chaplin . During the dinner she was seated next to Gershwin who found her to be very nice and very pleasant.

A brief romance followed with them secretly meeting at Gershwin’s home in Beverly Hills and in Palm Springs. They went on vacation together for two months in May 1937 just before Gershwin’s death on July 11th that same year, at the age of 38, from a brain tumor. Gershwin left behind a magnificent musical legacy (Rhapsody in blue, An american in Paris, Funny face or Porgy and Bess). Very much in love, the composer even asked for Paulette’s hand in marriage, but she refused to leave Charles Chaplin. Gershwin’s heart was broken.


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