She met the writer and philosopher during her marriage to Charles Chaplin , probably around 1937 (the year when Huxley and his wife left the United Kingdom for Hollywood where he became a screenwriter). He would speak many times of how lovely Paulette was with him.

In 1945, they worked together, along with Bénédict Bogeaus and Burgess Meredith , on a proposed film adaptation of his most well-known book, Brave new world (published in 1932). Paulette was to play the main role alongside Burgess; however, the film never saw the light of day. Huxley is the author of over forty books including novels and essays, such as : After many a summer, Ends and means, The Devils of Loudun, and Island ! Huxley, one of the greatest English authors, died the same day President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.


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