They met in 1941 and became friends despite the probable relationship between Paulette and Diego Rivera , who married Frida two times, in 1929 and 1940. Diego always had mistresses, including Frida’s younger sister Christina and the actresses Dolores Del Rio and Maria Felix.

In response to the persistence of the liaison between Paulette and Diego, Frida cut her hair so adored by her husband and painted the portrait: Self-portrait with cropped hair (1940). Having never hidden her bisexuality, Frida also had many extramarital relationships, including with the communist Léon Trotski and with Diego’s own mistresses ! Numerous biographies point to the probable existence of a liaison with Paulette.

In 1941, one of the most important artists of the 20th century, whose collection of masterpieces is comprised mainly of self-portraits linked to specific incidents in her life, Frida painted to the attention of Paulette - her ex-rival - a circular still-life : The flower basket (which was among the paintings included in London’s Tate Modern 2005 exhibit on Frida).


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