She is considered one of the best screenwriters of her generation.  Despite having been twice married and mother to an adopted daughter, Anita loved women as well as men.
She is Paulette’s most faithful friend.  Anita even began, in 1974, a biography of Paulette which was never finished: The Perils of Paulette. Paulette later chose Andy Warhol to continue the biography but the book was never published.

Anita and Paulette met in the thirties. In 1939 Paulette filmed an adaptation by Anita and Jane Murfin of Clare Booth Luce’s classic play The women directed by George Cukor.
Like Charles Chaplin , Anita gives Paulette the opportunity to rub elbows with many characters and some actresses. Notably, she meets the magnificent Audrey Hepburn in London in 1950 who was chosen to play the role of Gigi in Anita’s theatrical adaptation of Colette’s novel.

Paulette’s adventurous life and her numerous divorces undoubtedly inspired Anita in the second adaptation of her novel Gentlemen prefer blondes (1925), directed in 1954 by Howard Hawks with Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in the role of Lorelei Lee. Anita later said that gentlemen prefer blondes only until they meet Paulette !




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