Steinbeck was a good friend of two of Paulette’s husbands : Burgess Meredith and Charles Chaplin . An admirer, Chaplin met the author in August of 1938 in Los Gatos, where he was writing The grapes of wrath (for which he would win the Pulitzer Prize).  Because of his acquaintance with Chaplin, it was inevitable that Steinbeck would meet Paulette and they lived a brief love affair until Steinbeck’s third marriage in 1949.

That same year, the pair decided to create a production company : Monterrey Pictures.  However, no films were ever produced despite three potential projects including an adaptation of Steinbeck’s first novel, The Cup of Gold (published in 1929). He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962, a crowning moment on the author’s prestigious body of work (Of mice and men, The pearl, and East of Eden).

He also wrote a piece for Paulette: The Last Joan about the life of Joan of Arc whom she was supposed to play in Dublin’s Abbey Theatre with Burgess Meredith.  But, she never got to play the role; the forties were a difficult period and some members of the Irish press considered the play communist propaganda.  Nevertheless, the couple performed, Winterset in the same theatre in 1947.


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