Paulette met one of the pioneers of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, at the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Gold Show in the spring of 1973.

They became friends, saw each other very often, and together became pillars of the New York scene and its worldly parties. The Daily News even predicted that they would marry in 1974 !

The same year, she began working on her autobiography with Anita Loos (The Perils of Paulette), but after feeling unsatisfied with the author, Paulette chose to continue the work with Andy Warhol (Her: Paulette Goddard Talks to Andy Warhol) promising to make revelations about the many people she had encountered. Andy Warhol signed a contract with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and received a $50,000 advance which was split evenly with Paulette (and 10% was given to the editor, Bob Colacello). However, the book was never finished due to artistic differences: notably due to the too few revelations offered up by Paulette.

A prolific artist whom she called her little white fox, Andy Warhol left an immense collection of portraits of celebrities such as Elisabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and, of course, Paulette Goddard !



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